Larry D. Allen, Ed.S.


Inspirational Training & Support for Teachers

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

About Larry D. Allen, Ed.S.

Larry Allen SeatedAs a motivational speaker, consultant and coach, Larry’s focus is helping and supporting professional teachers and future teachers. With his background as a music teacher and professional classical musician (oboe and English horn), I have always listened to my inner voice that has inspired me over many decades to team with outstanding teachers at all grade levels to create programs and opportunities for students and teachers that were cutting edge and far beyond the expectations of the status quo.

I have had the privilege of working with bankers, developers, and community leaders to finance collaborations with professional symphony orchestras and local high school students. Working with universities, I teamed with university professors who developed summer graduate programs for music educators worldwide with masters degree achieved over three summers.

Listening to the needs of teachers and students, partnerships were developed between American high school students and students in Swaziland, Africa and Nakor, Kenya. Such partnerships were eye-opening experiences that generated heartfelt relationships between totally different culture with totally different values and needs.

In the 21st century my inner voice is continually guiding me to reach out to teachers worldwide and provide them with a support network online on a wide variety of topics for their personal growth, for ideas to improve classroom learning, and for ideas to improve their school’s performance. There is a need for professional teachers to share their thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams and at the same time be able to secure the support they need on a daily basis.

Reaching out to professional teachers, I want to empower them with the confidence they need to move to the next level: sharing, collaborating, vertically aligning, and developing an atmosphere of trust among fellow teachers that allows open and honest discussions about how best to improve teaching and learning in their school and in their school corporation.

Larry is available to speak on a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Classroom Management Problem Solving
  • Teacher Tolerance Problem Analysis
  • Inappropriate Student Behaviors Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Choice Classroom Language Top 10 Tips for Teachers
  • Student Tactics Helpful Hints for Teachers
  • Teacher Traps Maladaptive Behaviors
  • Problem Solving