Larry D. Allen, Ed.S.


Inspirational Training & Support for Teachers

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


Larry, just a note on the outstanding job you did in helping to organize and implement the award winning “Sound: The Physics of Music”  program  in my physics classroom!  The program helped students have a better understanding of sound concepts in physics using music as the mode of instruction.  As you are aware, the State of Connecticut provided an award for this special innovative instructional strategy – unique and highly effective.  Most importantly, student feedback and assessment were off the charts.  Well done!  Any school looking to foster improved understanding of physics concepts in this area would do well to enlist your expertise.
Kenneth R. Roy, Ph.D.
Director of Science & Physics Teacher (Emeritus)
Glastonbury Public Schools (CT)

For many years, I had the great pleasure of teaching with Larry Allen at Valparaiso University. Mr. Allen was always focused on success for our students, using techniques that concentrated on the positive. His wide-ranging experience as an educator and administrator make him uniquely qualified to be of service to all educators, at all levels, and in all types of school systems.

Jeffrey Scott Doebler, Ph.D.
Professor of Music
Director of Music Education and Bands
Valparaiso University

In my 25 years as a licensed teacher in Florida-Georgia and now Indiana, I have never been impressed more by a licensed educational specialist as I have been with Mr. Larry Allen. In just one 2009 year alone at East Chicago Central High in East Chicago, Indiana,  Allen completely transformed the attitude and learning environment of the school !!  Test score reached all time high levels and classroom teachers for the first time in their careers enjoyed zero tolerance for disruptive children. Allen’s elite communicative skills with all involved , his extreme organizational skills and his dedication to engaging the entire school community is what separates Allen from all other Educational Specialists. Any school corporation needing an educational specialist to transform their schools to excellence can save a great deal of time and money by hiring Educational Specialist Mr. Larry Allen!

Reginald Tisdale , School City Of East Chicago
K-12 Teacher / Coach/Union Officer

Mr. Larry Allen embodies all of the qualities I look for in a leader, most admirably his ability to connect with all educational stakeholders, making sure all parties have a sense that they are an integral part of the educational process.

David Lane, 12th Grade Dual Credit/AP English teacher,
Senior Class Sponsor, Head Boys and Girls Tennis Coach
East Chicago Central High School

I have known Larry Allen personally and professionally for the past 15 years and consider him my mentor and friend. As an educator and principal, Mr. Allen distinguishes that dedicated teachers are there for the students; money is never the primary motivation. It is all about saving lives and changing lives daily. He knows that these are strange times in public education. Mr. Allen has experienced the best practices, weathered the worst decisions form law makers, and consequently has demonstrated leadership that motivates not only teachers and students, but also parents and communities. He knows how to inspire; he lives those practices that make everyone around him better. His display of action in the education arena is one of an observable passion for education, with a philosophy evolved from the experience of rigorous research, investigation, writing, and demonstrated compassion and successes. I have the utmost respect for him and what he does for education on a daily basis.

Jody Nix,
Art Education, Chesterton High School
Art Education at New Vistas High School
All About Art Cams at Valparaiso University

I first met Larry Allen as the new principal in a building that was desperate for talented leadership. He was the answer to our prayers. In the time that he spent in our building he implemented a number of innovative programs that put us not only back on our feet, but finally moving forward and heading toward success. Passionate and inspirational, he brings with him an innovative approach to managing schools and an ability to duplicate that wherever he goes.

Becky Ruchti, Instructional Coach
East Chicago Public Schools, Indiana

If you want an educational leader, look no further than Mr. Larry Allen. He has inspired me and countless others in the field of education. Before I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Mr. Allen, I was becoming a bit disillusioned about the future of our school and our district, and then Mr. Allen became our principal and turned everything around for all of us. Teachers, students and staff looked forward to coming to school. The bounce in our step had returned. The fire that fed our passion was once again ignited. I owe a great deal to Mr. Larry Allen. His natural ability to inspire, motivate, and excite the soul and spirit and mind of a colleague, student, or friend is a gift that I have been fortunate to have received.

William Stenberg, Social Studies Teacher
East Chicago Central High School