Larry D. Allen, Ed.S.


Inspirational Training & Support for Teachers

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Innovating As A Lifestyle

Innovating As A Lifestyle

There are millions of teachers working within the rules, regulations, and mandates of PK-12 public schools. As well, millions of professors are also working within the rules, regulations and mandates of universities. However, students are motivated by teaching that is individualized and customized. Teachers need opportunities for inspiration, re-learning, and ongoing training on topics focused on student behaviors and mastery learning. Throughout this book, the creative innovations are programs that inspired music teaching and music learning worldwide over five decades. The programs were designed to help students and teachers worldwide with new ideas, thoughts, and opportunities. It should be emphasized that the most important teachers of each student are their parents – those adults who are raising them. The key to mastery learning begins with the parents’ level of interest in helping their child review and complete the homework of the day and the preparation required for the next day.