Larry D. Allen, Ed.S.


Inspirational Training & Support for Teachers

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

What Others Are Saying

Larry as always been my rock regarding ANYTHING to do with education. I consider him my mentor. Please check out this site…you will be glad you did a week before we all go back to school!

Jodi Nix
Art Education at New Vistas High School and All About Art Cams at Valparaiso University

Retirement!?! I don’t believe it! Not you- you’ll be working away, helping teachers helping students helping communities till the end of time. I love the website! What a wonderful service from a wonderful source. If other teachers in this country were half as good as you, there would be no education problem in the US!

Tracey Pettengill Turner
Former Student of Larry Allen
Founder, Interim CEO at Copia

Hi Larry. I have always loved your upbeat, positive approach to improving teaching and school culture. I believe you are a champion and that your wisdom and your approach will win favor with all you touch.David Collins

Past Co-Worker of Larry Allen
Geology/Meteorology Instructor at West Lafayette Community School Corporation

You were still the best principal I ever had the pleasure of working for. 

Emily Pancheri,
East Chicago, Indiana Teacher