Larry D. Allen, Ed.S.


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“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

The Rhythm of Successful Teaching

The Rhythm of Successful Teaching

The Rhythm of Successful Teaching is a powerful new book that inspires both teachers and future teachers as it reaches into the spiritual life-blood that has motivated a teacher as he enters the fifth decade of his teaching career. Read about a new vision and a new perception beyond what you physically see in your classroom and be prepared to see the miracles that are occurring in your classroom. The focus of this book is that successful teaching requires three main components: passion, patience, and peace. Teachers need to find their internal motivation to be in touch with this part of their being to bring success into their classrooms on a daily basis. Life provides many excellent teachers too many distractions which often result in a change of career or the wrong mental attitude prior to entering the classroom each day.